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Veterinary Products List in India

Veterinary Products List in India – With increasing awareness and the growing importance of animal health and welfare the demand for highly effective and safe veterinary products has increased manifold. Many pharmaceutical companies are actively working to formulate a wide array of veterinary formulations in different categories. Mediwin Laboratories is a trusted pharmaceutical company well-known for manufacturing a diverse range of veterinary products. We have compiled the best Veterinary products list in India to give you an overview of our veterinary product range having high demand in the market. 
All our veterinary product ranges are manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices and adhere to all regulatory compliances. With this veterinary products list in India compiled by Mediwin Laboratories, you will get access to the best veterinary products for various animal disorders. Our veterinary product portfolio comprises vaccines, antibiotics, and nutritional supplements, to ensure the optimal well-being of animals.
Veterinary Products List in India

Best Veterinary Products List in India

With an increased demand for veterinary products, the need to connect with a reliable veterinary company has subsequently increased. Mediwin Laboratories is a leading veterinary company in India formulating a diverse range of veterinary products. All the products mentioned in this list of veterinary products in India are available in different categories tablets, sprays, syrups, powders, and injections.

Mediwin is duly certified with ISO, FSSAI, and WHO accreditations. Our well-rounded veterinary products is fully capable of meeting the diverse requirements of veterinarians, farmers, and pet owners.  The presence of a diverse range of veterinary products allows us to address different aspects of animal care and their health maintenance. To get an overview of our veterinary products check out the veterinary product list given below:


Brand Name  Composition 
Alfa Kalz syp Palatable Nutritional Supplement of Calcium and Phosphorous for Pets
DRY CLEAN PET DRY BATH Herbal Cleanser and Detangling Spray
MEDIWIN PET SYP Grip Water for Puppy’s and Kittens
Pulmowin Pet Herbal’s Cough Syrup for Puppy’s and Kittens
Aciclean-1Ltr Organic Disinfectant
Medicordial Best Cordial Solution
Medivita-Forte Liquid Feed Supplement
Virowin Poultry Feed Supplement
Pulmowin_Extra Efficient Respiratory Supplement
FEN2WIN 3GM BOLUS Fenbendazole Bolus
O.T Vet oxytetracycline injection
Meloxiwin-Plus Meloxicam & Paracetamol Bolus
Winzide-Plus DS 100 Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Suspension

 A Diverse Array of Veterinary Products for PCD Franchise Opportunities 

Mediwin Laboratories has a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals focused on formulating a highly effective and safe medicine range. With this veterinary products list in India, you can choose products to start a veterinary PCD Franchise business in the Pan India region. Our veterinary product portfolio comprises disinfectants, supplements, shampoos, antibiotics, and other veterinary essentials. All the products have high demand in the market for their efficacy and usage in maintaining the well-being of animals around us.
Mediwin Laboratories is extending monopoly-based veterinary franchise opportunities across diverse locations in India. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your business worldwide by starting your own business venture with minimal investment. We fully support all our franchise associates and offer dozens of benefits including free marketing support and promotional tools. Some of the key features of our veterinary franchise opportunities are mentioned as follows:

  • Profitable margin and earning offer for better ROI
  • Free promotional and marketing input to support your bussing business
  • An Ethical Business Approach
  • A diverse veterinary product portfolio
  • Guidance of marketing experts to make your business successful

An Opportunity to Capitalize on the Growing Demand for Veterinary Products 

Mediwin Laboratory is the best veterinary medicine company in India with a large assortment of veterinary products. Of late the demand for veterinary products has skyrocketed due to the rising trend of pet ownership, growing livestock production, development in veterinary medicines, and increased focus on animal welfare. With all the factors combined, the animal drug market is estimated to be worth $32 billion. The continuous demand for highly effective veterinary medicines for cattle grazing, cattle problems, animal feed supplements, pet food, etc has led to this drastic shift in the demand for veterinary products.
Veterinary products are highly beneficial for the prevention of deadly diseases and health disorders in animals caused by various harmful viruses and bacteria. Some of the key factors contributing to the high demand for veterinary products list in India are mentioned as follows:

  • Increasing awareness among the common public for the welfare of animals and the willingness to purchase highly quality veterinary medicines.
  • Launch of highly effective and affordable veterinary medicines and rise in veterinarian clinics across the nation.
  • Rising investment in clinical and animal research and development for healthy and disease-free animals.

Connect with Mediwin Laboratories for a Reliable Veterinary Products List in India 

Quality and affordability are the two guiding principles at Mediwin Laboratories. We are certified with ISO, GMP, FSSAI, and WHO. All our veterinary medicines are formulated using the best quality raw materials using the cutting-edge technology. All the products are DCGI-approved and are manufactured after following all the regulatory norms and guidelines. Mediwin is a well-reputed animal pharma company involved in the manufacturing, marketing, trading and supply of top-quality veterinary medicines.
Our diverse portfolio of veterinary products is targeted for pain relief, pregnancy, nutrition, immunity, strength, vitality, infections, etc. in the animals. Our entire manufacturing is conducted under the surveillance of quality assurance and quality cotrol experts.All the products mentioned in the Veterinary products list in India are packaged using the genuine packaging material to ensure the long-term safety of the animal products and avoid contamination.
Advantages of Associating with the Mediwin Laboratories 

  • Approvals from ISO, GMP, WHO, and FSSAI
  • A well-developed and separate to test the drug formulations on various key points like strength, efficacy, durability, purity and results
  • A diverse portfolio of veterinary products, available in different categories
  • Veterinary products available at an affordable price range.
  • A vast network of veterinary PCD Franchise businesses across the Pan India region

The customer support team of Mediwin Laboratories is always available to cater to your queries regarding Veterinary products list in India and PCD Franchise services. To know more contact on the details below:

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