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Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat- The value of the pharma franchise is increasing as there has been a spike in the disease. Many companies are offering growth to the healthcare sector with the opportunity of PCD Franchise business. Currently, the active ratio of investing in PCD pharma has increased. It is so as the business comes at affordable rates and many collaborators are earning wholesome profits with this. 

Gujarat is a state that is a hub for many pharmaceutical companies. Here the population is educated and believes in consuming the pharmaceutical drugs that benefit their health. Essentially there are over 33% of pharmaceutical sale that is offered by the state to India. Currently, the place is home to the Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat which are built with the global standard. 

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat

If you are in search of the Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat, this list will help in choosing a budget-friendly company. The list of companies provides the pharma franchise at a ratio of growth. Every company is ISO, GMP, and WHO certified hence you can trust your investments with these firms.

List of Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat

Following is the list of leading pharmaceutical companies that offer best deals.

Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat

  1. Mediwin Laboratories
  2. Sanify Healthcare
  3. Max Life Sciences
  4. H.L Healthcare
  5. Mestra Pharma
  6. Eridanus Healthcare
  7. Medlock Healhcare
  8. Apikoa Pharma
  9. Medxone Healthcare
  10. Abiba Pharmacia

Mediwin Laboratories

Mediwin Laboratories is a company in the list of Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat that offers benefits of the PCD franchise world at the most affordable rates. The company deals in the effective segments of tablets, capsules, injections, sachets, syrup, and much more. 

Engulfed with technology, Mediwin Laboratories follows a state-of-the-art manufacturing process under which the production takes place under the experts of ISO, GMP, and WHO professionals. The company believes in the motive to provide an outstanding range of health supplements as it wants to be part of the evolving medical system. 

Managing the client-centric approach, the benefits achieved within the collaboration with Mediwin Laboratories are listed below. 

  • Get an affordable range of PCD  Franchise businesses that attract a huge customer base.
  • With the company’s monopoly rights objective, you get the assurance of selling the products with power.
  • Following professionalism, the company assures you of the delivery of the products on time.
  • Each product passes the quality check which makes the labels medicines safe to use. 

Content Mediwin Laboratories

The know more about Mediwin Laboratories, contact us at the details below. 

Call- 7056745508, 9215045514, 7999999577


Address– Commercial shop B, New Garia Metro station, Kolkata- 84

Sanify Healthcare

Sanify Healthcare Logo

Sanify Healthcare is another leading firm in the list of Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat. The company offers promoting events for its collaborators which help them flourish in the market of PCD pharma business. Sanify Healthcare in the market is known for its professionalism. It follows a production process as per the suggestions of ISO, GMP, and WHO. By investing in this company, you get the assurance of promotional strategies that uplift the business in terms that attract a huge customer base. 

The products range by Sanify Healthcare

  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Injection
  • Capsules
  • Sachets, etc

Max Life Sciences

Max Life Sciences

Max Life Sciences is a firm that has the healthcare products since the years 2004. It offers tablets with a cost of affordability. There are multiple benefits of collaboration with Max Life Sciences such as its customer attraction strategies, each year it delivers a range of unique compositing medicines that help in the treatment of multiple diseases of the medical fraternity. The company engages in the production of allopathic medicines, a nutraceutical range, and offers services of third-party manufacturing. 

H.L Healthcare

H.L Healthcare is among the Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat which initiates a working mechanism for as per the clients. Being an old firm it is forever ready to deliver the product range with massive yearly stock management. 

The company has diversified ends in providing benefits to the customers with mesmerizing profits. It advantages the clients with a wholesome profit at the final sale of the products. 

Mestra Pharma

Mestra Pharma is a company that specifies the segments of cardiac and diabetic products. Under the list of Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat, it leads as its range is recommended by the A-class doctor of the country. The firm ensures an affordable range that is made with a hygienic production process and delivers healthcare solutions that include injections, tablets, syrups, capsules, ointment, etc.

Eridanus Healthcare

erridus logo2

If you are looking for a pharmaceutical company in the list of Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat that delivers a range one neuropsychiatric medicine, then Eridanus Healthcare is a company for you. Its medicines are affordable, provide effective results, and come in leakage-proof packaging services. It uses clinically tested raw materials, and since it is backed by professionals in the healthcare industry results are guaranteed. 

Medlock Healthcare

Medlock Healthcare is a leading firm that offers prominent solutions for pharmaceutical products. In the list of Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat, it leads with its significant product range. The company targets each location in Gujarat for its PCD Franchise business.  Medlock Healthcare is ISO 9001:2015 certified and makes its manufacturing plans as per the healthcare industry’s standards. Its state-of-art manufacturing process delivers the segments such as tablets, injections, capsules, sachets, syrups, etc. 

Apikos Pharma


Apikos Pharma is a leading company that promotes a healthy franchise business with authentic monopoly rights services and a premium range of medicines. It delivers product segments which has helped it reach the list of Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat. The company believes in mutual success hence the partnership with Apikos Pharma will make you reach heights. With the premium quality drug range, collaborate with Apikos Pharma today. 

Medxone Healthcare

Medxone Healthcare

Medxone Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company where technology meets innovation. Its professional standards are to deliver a product range that includes over 250+ products. Attractive packaging, quality standards, and fewer investments are what Medxone Healthcare strives for. It provides competitive prices in the market. The company values the time and money of its clients. Each product it offers is quality assurance and tested. 

Abiba Pharmacia

Abiba Pharma among the Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat works with the motive of offering a quick source of medical products. The company is dedicated to serving the best range of medicine and believes in offering the opportunity of the franchise business. It deals in product segments such as  Oral Suspension, Pharmaceutical Injections, Pharmaceutical Capsules, Pharmaceutical Tablets, and Pharmaceutical Syrups. 


We hope that with a list of the Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in Gujarat, you cannot plan to invest in a company that benefits your productivity and success. Still in doubt? Collaborate with the leading Mediwin Laboratories and gain tremendous profits with its business deals.

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