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Poultry Products List in India

Are you looking for the best Poultry Products list in India? Do you look forward to an investment in the affordable Poultry Products Price? 

Mediwin Laboratories brings you a versatile range of Poultry products list in India for which we offer products such as feed supplements, enhancers, boosters, premixes, etc. Poultry farmers trust us for our dedicated poultry products that help enhance overall health, and bird or chicken productivity. 

With the top solutions, we deliver the Poultry Products list in India at market-friendly rates. Our additives are high in demand due to the maximum benefit served. Every product manufactured by Mediwin Laboratories is developed under poultry experts because we believe that it is necessary to meet the needs of nutritional levels of the chickens. 

Poultry Products list in India

The culture of poultry farming in India is years old. It involves taking care of domesticated animals such as hens, turkeys, emo, geese, ducks, etc for meat and eggs. To ensure target production is healthy for farmers, it becomes important to invest in supreme quality poultry products that are easy to buy. 

Mediwin Laboratories: Serving Quality Poultry Products List in India

Mediwin Laboratories is the top company in India to serve the quality assures animal healthcare range, we deal in a variety of animal products such as vet care range, animal feed supplements, poultry products, and petcare products. We have been serving quality for decades. 

Mediwin Laboratories is avail to offer an affordable Poultry Products list in India and each state. We are serving proudly in Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Karnataka, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Rajasthan, Punjab, Telangana, Manipur, Mizoram, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, and Tripura. 

Our poultry range manufacturers on the basis requirement of the birds hence we produce products that helps them stay healthy and lay nutritious eggs. We have 45000 on-scale orders every month. Our networks help us deliver quality assurance products. 

A Variety of Poultry Products Available for Sale in India

Mediwin Laboratories prestigiously delivers the Poultry Products list in India. We deal in an expanded section of feed supplements, poultry medicines, and poultry farming needs. We carry out a process of manufacturing that has a separate area of quality testing, packaging, and production. Being a certified company we have assured range delivered with the approval of  WHO, GMP, FSSAI, and ISO experts. 

Delivering across the nation, our range is made using the appropriate vitamins, nutrients, and other nutritional elements required of poultry animals. Let us introduce you to the range served by our company Mediwin Labs for the production of poultry medicines. 

Poultry Feed Supplements List in India

Our poultry feed supplements for the Poultry Products list in India include a variety of products made with huge nutritional content. Commencing with the types we serve, we have nutritional supplements, egg production supplements, and growth promoters. 

Nutritional Supplements– Manufacturing experts at Mediwin Labs understand that nutritional content is very important for a healthier body. We provide the best range of nutritional supplements made with the supreme quality of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and probiotics. This increases the productivity of chickens.

Egg Production Supplements- People with poultry farming have a prominent need for egg production supplements. This helps in business expansions and further in better earrings. Our egg production supplements help the hens produce the best quality eggs and ensure the good size of eggs. 

Growth Promoters- Our growth promotes help in increasing the growth of chickens and increase their vital strength. It thereby allows the chickens and the boilers to achieve stimulated growth more healthily. 

Poultry Medicines by Mediwin Labs 

Poultry medicine is an important resource for chickens to keep them healthy and fit. This also helps in the protection from diseases and other virus infections. Providing the medicine to the chickens is a necessity so they cannot spread the infection to other people. The range we deal in is mentioned below.

Digestive medicines- The maintenance of gut health and the overall digestive system is a necessity for chickens.  Our Digestive enzyme tonic helps in the better digestion of the chickens. 

Cough Formula- This is our range of respiratory products. The chickens are prone to health issues such as excessive coughing, sneezing, difficulting breathing, etc. 

List of Poultry Products List in India by Mediwin Laboratories

Hers is our  Poultry Products list in India assured with quality, made with scientific formulations, and reliable and effective results that offer satisfaction. 

Brand Name Product type Pack M.R.P (INR)
CALCULIZER VET Gout  Formula 1 LTR 550.00
CALCULIZER VET Gout  Formula 5 LTR 1200.00
IMMUNO-WIN Immuno booster 1 LTR 900.00
IMMUNO-WIN Immuno booster 5 LTR 4230.00
Cough formula (Extra relief) 1 LTR 550.00
PRO-ONE Pro Biotic  Spores for Poultry 1 KG 1000.00
ACI-CLEAN Acidifier 1 LTR 1390.00
ACI-CLEAN Acidifier 5 LTR 4200.00
OSMOLYTE-L Water Soluble Electrolyte Concentrate for Poultry 1 KG 150.00
VIROWIN Antiviral Syrup for poultry 1 LTR 1120.00
VIROWIN Antiviral Syrup for poultry 500 ML 600.00
VIROWIN Antiviral Syrup for poultry 5 LTR 1500.00
NO TOX PLUS Poultry Feed Supplement (Ultimate Care For Liver) 1 LTR 1250.00
NO TOX PLUS Poultry Feed Supplement (Ultimate Care For Liver) 5 LTR 5550.00
MEDIZYME POULTRY Digestive Enzyme Tonic 5 LTR 1500.00
FE-STRONG POULTRY Iron Tonic 20 LTR 7000.00
MEDICORDIAL POULTRY Uterine Tonic 5 LTR 1000.00
MEDICORDIAL POULTRY Uterine Tonic 1 LTR 150.00
MEDICORDIAL POULTRY Uterine Tonic 20 LTR 5000.00

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